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You are requested to go through the following Question / Answers before installing version 8.00. Please circulate this information to all the Back Office Users / Operators including Management personnel in your organisation.

Disclaimer: We will not be responsible or liable for any unforeseen error arising out of revision in the software for Y2K although we have taken utmost care while revising. We will not be liable for any loss of data whether accidental, direct, indirect, consequential damages in connection with or arising out of the usage of the software/upgrade.


Q-1 What is included in Stock Version 8.00 (Y2K)?

A-1 Stock Version 8.00 is Y2K compliant software product that includes major structural changes in date format & other features added.

Q-2 How to install this version upgrade for Y2K?

A-2 You will receive set of floppies to perform software upgrade. The new directory structure is to be created as under. Your old program & data will remain as it is.

In the root directory of your network / local drive, new directory (\CST) will be created. Please ensure that the network users using old program have the equivalent security rights for \CST directory & sub-directory.(Contact your supervisor / administrator / computer in-charge for same in case of problems.)

Sub-directories under \CST will be

Drive: \ CST \BATCH Program related Batch files
\PROG Program files (.EXE) & related .DBF files
\UTIL Utilities
\DATAn1 Your actual Data & Index files like Sauda, Bill, I/O & Accounts for 1st company (division code n1)
\DATAn2 Your actual Data & Index files like Sauda, Bill, I/O & Accounts for 2nd company (division code n2)
\BACKUPn1 Backup of \DATAn1
\BACKUPn2 Backup of \DATAn2

 Q-3 How do I install version 8.00

A-3 Before installing, make sure that you have enough hard disk space. New version 8.00 will require about 10-12 MB of hard disk space for installation, in addition to the required space for your current year (Apr'99 onwards) data. To estimate current year data size, type the following command in your data directory.

e.g. F:\> CD\NSE

F:\NSE\> DIR ??????99.*

Estimated disk space required for data files will be 1.5 times of the size reported by the above command.

Take Backup of old data first then follow the instructions from attached Annexure I.

Q-4. How can I convert current years data (from April 1999 onward to version 8.00)

A-4. Refer to Annexure II for detail instructions.

Q-5 What will be the cut-off date for data conversion? Will converted data be used by old software (Ver 6.44 or lower)?

A-5 Once you receive version 8.00 & install it on your computer, you to convert data for the current financial year from April '99 onwards only (i.e. Sauda / Bill / Inward-outward files from Settlement No. 0199 onwards and Accounts file (0499 i.e. Apr'99 onwards))

You are requested NOT to convert your earlier years data i.e. prior to April 99 (upto March 99). You will be using two programs;

BSE64 / NSE 64 - for old data (previous years up to March 1999 - ver 6.44)

[Usage of this old program will continue even after 31 Dec'99]

CSTY2K - Version 8.00 for current year (April '99) onwards.

While converting your current year's data i.e. from April 99 onwards the data will be automatically copied and converted (not transferred) to new format in new directory. Subsequently, data adding or modifications should only be done using the new version 8.00.

On the date of conversion, current year data will be at both the places i.e. old directory and a directory below CST directory. However, for safety purpose, all the index files of current year data from Old directory will be deleted.

DO NOT re-index current year data files from old program (even if you see '#' in file setting menu or you get error message 'index not found'), instead use new version 8.00.

In case of emergency, if you need to re-index current year data in old program, take precaution not to add / modify. In the event of any addition / modification carried out by you, you will have to add / modify same data manually with new version 8.00. THERE WILL NOT BE ANY UPDATE or RE CONVERSION AFTER you HAVE CARRIED OUT CONVERSION IN SUCH CASES.

In short, after conversion use only NEW program to add / modify current year data (Apr'99 onwards) & old program for Previous year data (upto Mar'99).

Q-6 My previous year accounts (0498) is not yet finalised. Can I re-carry forward General Ledger / Party Ledger / Sub-type ledger balances & bank reconcilliation files (as on Mar'99) to next year (0499) in version 8.00 as and when required?

A-6 Use FA menu no. B-71, B-72, B-73, B-74 from version 8.00 to re-carry forward from previous year (0498) to current year (0499). The opening balances (as on 1st Apr'99) will be automatically updated in new format.

You can repeat this procedure as and when required.

Q-7 Can I do Conversion process again? What happens to my old data which were already converted to new Y2K files?

A-7 Yes, but you have to delete new files first in which case you will loose all your current years data (April '99) addition / modification which you might have done using version 8.00. Avoid re-conversion after you start using version 8.00.

Q-8 Can I also convert my previous years’ data to Y2K formats?

A-8 No. - Never convert your previous years data (upto Mar'99). This will lead to a possible malfunctioning of system due to change in formats / data structure / reports. Some of the reports that you might have submitted to authorities using old version of software in the different report layouts and/or possible non-compatibility/availability of some of the previous option may cause inconvenience.

Q-9 How to take regular Backup after new program installation?

A-9 When you come out of the new program menu (CSTY2K), it will ask for AUTO-BACKUP. Important point to note here is that if you have more than one company, select company option will appear in the main screen. When you come out the program, it will take the backup of only last selected company. So if you want to take auto-backup of all the company, you have to select each company & come out of the program. By default, backup will be taken in \CST\BACKUPn1 directory.

If you are not using Auto-Backup features but if you are taking backup in

  1. One of the local computer's hard disk through batch files,
  2. CD Backup
  3. Tape Backup

Please remember to modify your batch files, inform your person / vendor who is taking backup to change data directory path.